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I build real projects from start to finish using the JAMStack, and I teach you how to do build it along the way

  • An introduction to start using Eleventy

    Eleventy, or 11ty, is a powerful yet straightforward static site generator. It does not require any config to get started. This what it will take you to get an 11ty project running:

    • npm install -g @11ty/eleventy
    • echo '# Page header' >
    • eleventy
  • 4 ways to use Axios interceptors

    An Axios interceptor is a function that the library calls every time it sends or receives the request. You can intercept requests or responses before they are handled by “then” or “catch”.

  • My new mac setup for web development in 2021

    I recently got a new mac and decided to set it up from scratch. In this blog post you get a detailed list of all the tools I installed to help me with my day to day web development tasks

  • 2020 A year in review

    This year, 2020, was crazy, unusual, and maybe we will talk about it for years to come. I am very grateful that my family and I are safe. 2020 is also the year that we had our first baby, a lovely baby girl. Throughout the year, I’ve released a decent amount of educational content focusing more on the JAMstack.

  • Getting Started with Gatsbyjs recipes

    The Gatsby ecosystem is prosperous with plugins and themes, which I love, but sometimes it becomes a problem when trying to assemble all the pieces to achieve your goal.

  • Gatsby As a Replacement for Create-react-app

    Gatsbyjs and create-react-app are similar in that can help you set up application and removes much of the configuration headache. However, Gatsby offers more like backed in performance optimizations and static rendering without the need for a server and a thriving ecosystem of plugins.

  • Tl;Dr GraphQL

    GraphQL is a query language for Your API, and a server-side runtime for executing your queries. It is not tied to any specific database engine it is up to you to resolve the query. To create a GraphQL service you define types and their fields, then provide functions for each field on each type.

  • How to create a node js command line tool with yargs middleware

    When I started building cli tools I noticed that there is a lot of similarity between a server-side program and a command line tool.

    Think of the command that a user types as the route or url. For example cli-tool project new in a server environment will be the following url

  • Moving from create-react-app to Gatsby.js

    If you came across gatsby you will notice that there is a lot of similarity between them. In this Blog post I will explain the key difference between the two.

  • Developer friendly APIs using ES6 Proxies

    I play around a lot with javascript's new features and I try always to find a real use case for them. Recently I was a big fan with Javascript Proxies and what facinates me is the ability to intercept access to an object properties and change its behaviour.

  • Creating Duell Lib

    In this multipart article I will show you how to create duell library with different backends. The example library will show a platform native popup with “hello world” message, in html5 a browser popup, UIAlertView in IOS and PopupWindow in Android.

  • Duell tool and Environment Explained

    The Duell Tool is a command line tool for setting up, building and running applications on any platform. It can also be used for other general tasks within app development. It is made in a modular way via plugins, and each plugin is separate from the tool itself. The tool merges the needed plugin on execution.

  • Introducing Duell tool a better build tool for haxe

    Finally I can talk about one of the exciting projects we have been working on at Gameduell, the duell tool which was announced today at the WWX 2015 Haxe conference in Paris by my colleagues Sven Otto and Rui Campos. In this article I will try to cover every aspect of this awesome tool.

  • Create a cross-platform command line tool in haxe

    To Help you getting started with haxe I had this idea about creating a simple (Hello world) cross-platform command line tool which is really simple and it took me not more than 30 min.

  • Do you know haxe

    Since Haxe first came in 2006 there was a lot of changes involving Language features, platform support and so on . In this article we will try to cover all aspect and changes of haxe to give you fresh look about the technology and I follow up article I will be writing about getting started with haxe.

  • A great use of 3d transform matrix3d

    After checking the Creative Sanbox website by Google. My mind was blown away. I started to inspect some Divs and trying to find out how it has been done an yep my instinct was right Matrix3D baby.

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