2020 A year in review


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This year, 2020, was crazy, unusual, and maybe we will talk about it for years to come. I am very grateful that my family and I are safe. 2020 is also the year that we had our first baby, a lovely baby girl. Throughout the year, I’ve released a decent amount of educational content focusing more on the JAMstack.


  • Videos: 45 YouTube videos
  • Blog posts: 3 blog posts
  • Courses: 1 big course and four mini-courses/collections, a total of 28 videos
  • Side Projects: https://tldreact.dev, https://learnjamstack.com
  • Twitch Streams: around 40+ stream

Content I released

My main focus was JAMstack and building a complete project from start to finish. Not the classic blog post or todo app but real-world saas Apps using Gatsbyjs, Netlify, Contentful, and the JAMstack friends.

Most of the content was in the form of videos. I started the year with a challenge, pushing the JAMstack to its limit, so I started building a Saas App called rubbergoose.dev . Throughout 23 streams, I created a complete App that uses Netlify Identity, Stripe, Twillio videos, and much more hot new tech. You can find all the videos in this YouTube playlist . The code is also opensource over at Github .

Continuing with the live stream, I also did 13 random ones covering different topics like working on my website , Setting up my dev environment, exploring other frameworks/tools like eleventy, Gatsby recipes, and answering some people’s questions about Contentful.

Compared to video production, I did very poorly in writing blog posts, which I will try to improve in 2021 (famous last word). I wrote a piece about how to use Gatsby as a replacement for create-react-app . The goal was not to talk about this vs. that but to showcase Gatsby’s power and how you can build real-world apps with it. The second blog post I wrote is a deep dive into Gatsby recipes and how you can create your own. Consider it the written version of my egghead mini-course. I also wrote another blog post on gatsby.com about life Before and After Gatsby Recipes.

Now courses, With the help of egghead.io , I produced the following:

Side projects

I probably start 34897 side projects, but I will talk only about the ones I released.

I released learnjamstack , a curated list of courses, articles, and tips about JAMstack.The main thing you get from this project is a weekly email with great jamstack resources, or what I thought is cool.

I released tldreact.dev , quick and easy React snippets that you’re always looking for but never find. Most of the time, when working with React, I find myself scanning a tutorial directly for the code and skipping all the explanations and fluff because I don’t need it, so I made tldreact.dev just for that use case.

Where to go from here

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Khaled Garbaya

Khaled Garbaya is a software developer and active opensourcerer at Contentful. He speaks multiple languages and is often overheard saying "Bonjour" in HTML. You can follow him on Twitter, on Github, and on YouTube. He also runs How To Contentful as a project.

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